How we started...

With a background in being a grown up adult who doesn’t like to clean I set out to build the cleaning company I couldn’t find. 

It took more time to find a cleaner and get a crazy high quote than it would have been to clean my own place. (not that I was about to actually clean, so my house just stayed a mess and a source of stress.)

I believe having a clean house should be a part of daily life, but not at the expense of our time, money, or sanity. Our simple booking, transparent pricing, and dedicated cleaners can make that a reality.

Time is money. What would you rather be doing with your time? Because in my option, it’s not cleaning. I’d spend any amount of money to never clean a toilet or scrub my shower again.

Emily Reeves- Owner


To provide you with the best clean, at the best price, and make the experience as straight forward and simple as possible. 

When you better clean up, there's only one call to make.

We'll be right there!

Our values

Yes, believe it or not, cleaning companies can have values. 


Not only do we aim to be transparent in our pricing, we strive to be transparent in our services. Most cleaners overcharge and underperform. We want you to know what you’re getting and what it’s going to cost upfront. 


Whether its scheduling, booking, or paying for your cleaning we want the process to be as simple as possible. Booking a cleaner should be a time saver, not another chore. 


We are dedicated to not only bring you the best clean for the best price, but also provide the best cleaners in the area. Our cleaners are as dedicated to your satisfaction as you are. 

Keep up with the latest cleaning tips

We won’t bog you down with useless details, but we’ll send some coupons and tips to keep your place looking great!