Quick Clean

For Clean People Who Don't Want to Clean

Don't pay extra for cleaning you don't need. You've done your part. We'll come in when you have better things to do and keep it clean.

Refresh Your Space

Family coming to town? Family finally leave and you have no energy to get your place back to par? We've got you covered.

Dust Surfaces

We'll spruce up those shelves and areas that have been a little neglected. While you're clean, let's be real...you're not dusting as regularly as you could be.

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Living Room

Customize Your Clean with Add-ons

How It Works

Step 1: Select Your Clean

Select your ideal clean and how many beds/baths you want cleaned.

Step 2: Add on Extras

Pick extras to customize your clean.

Step 3: Schedule & Pay

Tell us where and when you need us to clean.

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